Something about me

Territorio Borrego - Sinapsis
Internet broadcasting of football games at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara.


Learning, in academic and nonacademic environments, has always been one of my skills. I prone to think about me as a person who knows really little, but that is restless when it comes to figure out something undisclosed. I am constantly thinking what to improve, how to be ready for changes and how to master something that is strenuous.

Professional Background

My professional background can be divided into two merging areas: production (audiovisual and web design) and teaching. For the last four years I have managed and produced audiovisual projects in professional and academic environments. My latest job as an audiovisual manager was configured as a multidisciplinary profile because of the different activities it is built-in. There are two principal areas of this job: operating and coaching.

The operating area laid in budgeting, organizing, keeping update and in good condition the postproduction laboratories, the studios and the camera and lighting equipment to have them ready to classes purposes. The coaching area consisted in training in the use of equipment and software, and coordinating communication students in the University’s productions, like Sinpasis-Territorio Borrego (internet broadcasting of football games).

Academic Background

I have a B.A. in Communication Sciences by the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara. I define my college time as a five years auto explanatory period where I was in a constant observation process of myself and the world around me, because when you decide to study in a humanity-artistic and social science field is inevitable to get in touch with your feelings while you are trying to be rigorous in a scientific way.  During this process, I discovered that I am a producer.

I realized that producing is not only about organizing ideas, time, resources and creating messages that could reach people and transform their lives, but working with people. A producer is a teacher, who knows how to work under pressure, that has to find the way, not only to get the means to make a production possible, but also the ability to work with people, to communicate the main purpose, and to be able to see under the surface of each team member and get the best out of them.

At Present

As a COMMLead student I intent to get the  tools to learn how people think and response to media products and how to organize people so the creation of an appropriate workflow that can keep up with the fast changing environment of digital media can be understood. I want to learn how people interact with each other in an organizational way because, even though people might think that having an audiovisual producer core is all about being technical and operative, there is a point of view that is not seen. Working in a production requires in principle the ability to talk and work with people.