UW Morning

I have been waiting to start Graduate School since I got my bachelor’s degree. I looked up for communication related master programs for two years, until I had the chance to meet Scott Macklin and Brook Shepard at an Any Screen Agency workshop back in Mexico. Through this workshop I found out about MCDM program and I fall in love with it.

After one year and half of exams, letters of intent, university and scholarships applications, among other things I had my first official class on a Saturday morning. While I was walking to get to the University of Washington I started to have a lot of emotions. One part of me was really excited about meting again my cohort and knowing more about them, but the other part was really scared: new country, new people, another language, another culture.

The eight-hours first session summed up everything I had read before class. Each of the guests that talk to us gave us fundamental elements to star the program. Communication through digital media can be approach in different theoretical ways. I agree with Lisa Coutu, when she says that every approach depends on the kind of person you are. I think I am part of the Phenomenological Tradition.

I believe that in order for an organization to become a media organization, as it should be in this multiscreen world, has to create content that can engage audiences. This content should create a two-way conversation with the public, as Brook Shepard said. Engaging content can be delivered in oral and written communication, both need to call to action, simple, balance and should offer a problem-solution.

It was a lot of information for the first class, but it was a fantastic way to be introduced to everything that is coming up for us as members of the Communication Leadership Program. I am so happy to be part of Cohort 13.



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