What is it to be a leader?

 “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

 This was my first quarter as a member of the Communication Leadership Program and the first cohort of it. We are called cohort 13 and our group consist of 76 people.

I must say that having great minds in this group is a privilege and a challenge. I have to recognize that every class of this quarter showed me the great people that I am having the chance to work with, and it also showed me that each of them have this unique spark that leaders have. They have a minds of their own, they are not afraid to say what they think, they fight to prove their points and they want to show (ones more than others) that they care, that they want to make a change.

It was amazing to work with this kind of people, but then I started to think what is it to be a leader? In a place where we are full of great people that humanize the main characteristics of leaders, what can makes us really create a change, how can we agree on something and work to the best end of it?

I found out that sometimes it can be really hard, but nevertheless completely enriching. During the learning experience of this quarter I understood that a leader is the one who can listen to others, give criticism to new ideas, but take the best out of them to create better ones. A leader is a person who recognizes the voice of others in a final product, that knows that a great finished job is a work that sums the good intentions, the hard work, the past and the present of his own and others efforts.

The last class of this quarter showed me that everyone has a great story that if collaborated with others we can (were able to) create an amazing and life changing experience. True leaders have this unique need to listen to others, to unite instead of divide. All the theoretical part of the course was relevant in creating the set of skills necessary to understand communications in digital media. But the networking, the collaborative activities allowed us to enhance the ability to communicate with others and to let the leaders (I must say every human being has a part of it) work together.


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