This was the last class of the course Narratives and Networks in Digital Communications and we had the chance to learn from our classmates about current topics in digital media. The next lines are looking to point out the great job my classmates did and the learning experience of each presentation. For starters I have to say, that I am impress with all the professionalism and dedication each of my classmates put into their presentation. The videos created, the graphs and all the material was great. This time and because is the last time (at least for the moment) I will write about this class I would like to create a list of the learning point of this session:

  1. Envisioning the future: communicative technology can create new ways of understanding ourselves and even our bodies. Having the technology (like wearable technology) to see how healthy we are can help us to take better care of ourselves. The possibilities are enormous, the ability to merchandise with it, it is as well. But the effect of them in our personal lives, in protecting our privacy can be really harmful. To what extent, do we have to possibility to select what is the best for us?
  2. Trendy trends: Going mobile is the new thing. Apparently the use of apps and mobile pages is becoming the new thing that might substitute the email or the classical digital ways of communication. The use and acquisition of smartphones is growing everyday, and  so the ways we connect to our families, our companies, our social groups. Asana, the product presented, sounds like a good option to as a management tool, but how this can create storytelling? Doing Business to Business can be a tricky task, because is not about getting the final user engaged, but to prove that this engagement will create profit to the company.
  3. The Open Communication. Social Media is everywhere. The ability to communicate and understand better with images than with words is a constant reality. Commerce and social media have an intimate relationship, people like to share the places they visit, the things they like: a bunch of stories that can produce new customers. Where the line between privacy and merchandising  exist? Does it exist? Are we brand images everything we share something we like? Will we be?
  4. The Platform Dilemma (My team). Project management tools seem to be a great option for companies to  generate better processes and motivate collaboration between employees. It sounds attractive that technology could save us many time, and agilely improve the way we communication within an organization. The only question that pops up, What kind of strategies a company could implement to create community with the only use of these tools?
  5. Growing Up Digital. Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials. All this names-stereotypes of the kind of people we are, depending on the year we were born, make me feel surprised and a little bit scare because it is true. The process of defining who we are is hard, seeing you humanized in a stereotype sometimes is not that funny. Technology is changing the hierarchy of the way we work, how we collaborate and the dynamics in labor spaces. Millenials are becoming a strong labor hand and it is impossible to deny it. But we must not forget that other generations are still there, and at the end of the day even with the huge differences between one generation and the other we have one thing in common, we are looking to connect, to engage with values like honor, responsibility or like independence, introversion, freedom; maybe this need of connection it is not with the same things, but it is a connection we are looking for at the end of the day.

I have to say again that, I am so proud to be part of this cohort, I learned so much and I just have to thank all my classmates for the effort given to this activity, I am sure they learned so much as I did, or even more. Thank you all.


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