The Job Part

Nine semesters of a full time student load, a part time job and the extra hours dedicated to gaining career experience related non-paid activities, is how I describe my time during college. The moment you graduate you are assumed to be a professional adult who’s ready to face the labor world. At least that’s what you feel after draining your brains out getting your undergraduate degree.

The hunt for the first official job begins. Interviews, networking, questions about who you are, how do you see your self in ten years, what are your skills, your flaws. The process of getting a job becomes the audition for the most important part you’re a going to play for what seems the rest of your life. “Experience required” are the two worlds you might listen to all the time during this process, and they are apparently what makes you fit with the opening.

But, what really makes you the perfect fit for a job? I have to agree with Jeff Fluhr, when hiring someone for a position: “Has the person done the work that the role requires?” That’s the wrong question. It should be, “Let’s find a person who has the right chemistry, the right intellect, the right curiosity, the right creativity.” If we plug that person into any role, they’re going to be successful. (The New York Times, October 2013).

Getting the first job is a big deal. If you get it, there is a learning curve you will have to embrace as quickly as possible in order to stay there and become part of the company, until you get a new job. Learning experiences will form the job part of your life. They can be demotivated or motivational, depending on how well you know your self, because “you know what you should not be doing, which can save you a lot of heartaches and false starts if you catch it early on” (Tharp, T. 2003 pp. 46)

At the end of the day, is not about getting the job. I believe is about finding the right place for you, to know yourself, know what you are good at and what you love the most, and quoting Twyla Tharp to have and “insane commitment” to it.



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