The First of The Second

The First of The Second

“You can’t please everybody and you can’t have it all” are two ideas that started a deep internal conversation after the first class of my second quarter in the Communication Leadership Program.

 In a day filled with creativity, entrepreneurial stories, and community I got the next five ideas:

  1. You are responsible for your career path. It is impossible to move on, to start working on something new, if you don’t try to get out of your safety zone.  “When you decide to do something, things start to open the way” (L. Nakamura, 2014).
  2. There is no wrong way for your process. There are many ways you can get where you want to be if you are inspired and committed to it.
  3. Feedback can destroy or create us depending on how you look at it. It is important to have a balance in this process: distill, absorb and react to feedback. You have to know what part of it is going to make you better.
  4. At the end of the day, all that stays is you’re community, the relationships you built. In the path of becoming what you want to bet don’t forget to be genuine and polite. “When I die, I want to be remembered as a kind person. I want people to say I was a good teacher” (L. Nakamura, 2014)
  5. Stop thinking about how things are going to turn out. “The only way to do it, it’s to do it. You’re going to learn the things you need to learn by doing it” (A. Fife, 2014)

 It was a mind and heart learning experience. I loved this first class. Getting to know who you are, how other perceive you and how you can create community, where some of the starting points I got from this first session, but I have to say that the point that got stuck in my mind as a global idea, was that leadership comes through relationships.


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