The Third of The Second

This session was amazing from beginning to end. All the topics brought for conversation and the guest speakers started a deep inside dialogue (as always). I would like to star this reflection by thanking the entire cohort and our instructor Anita Verna Croft for all the effort in putting this class together.

It was a bit difficult to write all the ideas that we talked about last class, because it was a constant strike of thoughts and excitement. Nevertheless, I managed to list the next ideas:

  • Building community trough technology. This idea sounds fascinating and a trend. But we must consider the way different generations interact (new communities, younger generations) and the way societies embrace technology. Topic such as trust in online usage, interaction with the different screens, age, commerce and technological barriers must be tropicalized for each culture.
  • The necessity of creating a content strategy and a social media persona for an organization. It’s all about being “human” online, as Seattle Police Department shared with us. Even though we are becoming a more technology dependable society and it seems like we are running away from the traditional face-to-face interaction, it’s rather interesting we eager for “human like” content to be engaged. Could this apply to future generations as well?
  • The Internet provides the possibility of creating your online persona and enhances the speech freedom. The ability to be what ever you want to be, and speak up, “comes with consequences” like our classmate Laura Williams-Argilla said. I believe it is important to keep a congruent image and being coherent in our behavior online, at it is supposed to be in offline interactions. I know this sound like an utopia, but at least is a subject to be thoughtful about when managing a online entity’s image.
  • Seattle Police Department Public Affair staff is mind-blowing and they are rocking it at their job. Having these guys as guests’ speakers for the class gave what I’ve been searching for: social media examples that are working in real life. Even though it is really hard to change the image people have on the SPD, they are trying to connect and they are doing a great job at it. Congratulations in creating a tone and in being innovators in the usage of social media for governmental institutions. My only concern is, what would happen to the image of the SPD if the contract with their current twitter/blog voice, Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, were terminated? I know that as social media mangers it is important to built credibility and a name, but what happens when you are no longer part of the organizations you used to work at? Is it possible to create an identity, a tone, a roadmap of action for an organization to keep the strategy even when you are gone?

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