The Last of the Second

I’ve been naming my reflection’s posts in a numerical format depending on the number of session and course in my master’s program, but this is the last one (named liked this). This was the second core class I took as part of the Communication Leadership Program. I have to say this course have made a big impact on me. All the other courses I’ve taken were academically and professionally fructifying, but “COM 536 A: Leadership Through Story and Communities: Creativity and the Digital Age”, has given me personal growth and deep understanding of what it feels to be part of a community. Credits to the responsible of this: our dear Professors Anita Verna Crofts and Sarah Slaid, but I must say that this class wouldn’t be successful without the members of this cohort, every one of them brought a spark to the dynamic, discussions and learning process of the course.

The final session of the class was divided in two parts. The first one consisted on listening this session’s amazing speakers: Josh Henderson a food entrepreneur member of the Huxley Wallace Collective, and Kate Lebo writer and founder of Pie School. Each of the speakers gave freshness to the session with great advice, going from Josh business philosophy “Stay true with who we are, but still playing in the game. It’s like dancing with the devil”, to Kate’s “Don’t get good at the thing you don’t want to do the rest of your life”. Both speaker’s presentations transmitted me that it’s not easy to fulfill your dreams, but it’s possible. It requires a lot of work, a loving and supporting family and to be convince about your beliefs.

The second part of the class was divided in three turns of showcase where all the members of cohort 13 presented pieces of art. It was impossible for me to see all of the marvelous pieces my classmates made, but the energy in the classroom was delightful. Each pieces was very extremely deep, some of them so personal and touching; others so bright and enlightened. From Kathy’s vulnerability art peace, Colette’s collections of poems to Zac’s reflective piece based on augmented reality, I was astonished.  The thing that amazed me the most is the community this course has created between us; the feedback, the support, the sharing, the respect and the empathy.

This class was the perfect image of a growing professional community that is based in respect and human connection, it’s not only about our professional concerns or learning experiences in this matters, it’s also about out personal growth and conquering our fears, it’s about getting out of the comfort zone and believing you can do it. To everyone, thank you for this life changing experience.


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